1. How do I lock/unlock iCommunicate?
Locking the app prohibits users from editing, deleting, and creating new pictures and storyboards. To enable or disable go to the Lock tab in lower right corner. To change the setting, you need to tap more than 5 times anywhere on the Lock screen in 2 seconds. Then enable or disable locking.

2. How can I print using AirPrint from iCommunicate?
Apple was supposed to make it easy to print from shared printers from your computer with the newest iTunes, but hasn't yet. So it just supports a few HP wireless printers at this point. So there are two ways to print from printers shared from your computers. If you have a Mac:
AirPrint Hacktivator 
or if you have Windows: 
Enable AirPrint on Windows

Be sure you have prerequisites installed and follow instructions.

3. How can I add photos from Safari?
An easy way to get images on your iPhone is to search in Google Images and then hold down finger on image to save to camera roll. You can then use these images in our applications.

4. How can I place my digital photos on my iPod touch or iPad to use with your applications?
You can use pictures that are in your Camera Roll on the iPod. We think customizing schedules and rewards with real pictures from children's lives makes it more personal. What we suggest to iPod Touch users it that you can take any digital photos you have on your computer and sync them to your iPod Touch or iPad. See
 Apple's documentation.

5. How do I lock my device in iReward?
If you want the ability to lock iReward, so that all a child can do is view rewards and create new ones, you can turn on the Lockable setting. Set a case-sensitive password in the textbox that appears and Save. To unlock all functionality, so that you can reward stars, delete rewards, goto Settings, etc., you shake the phone when viewing the list or a reward. You will be presented with a textbox to enter the password you typed on the Settings screen. To lock the app again you shake the phone or restart the app.

6. What if I forget my password to unlock iReward?
Contact us and we can give you a master password so that you can change your password in Settings.

7. How do I do a Google image search for iCommunicate and iReward?
When editing or adding a new picture you click on Image Search button, enter your search keywords, click Search. You then can flick to left and right to move through images. When you find one to save, click Save Selected Picture to Camera Roll. You can then do more searches to save multiple pictures to camera roll, or click Select Picture to jump right to your saved pictures to add or replace existing picture.

8. How do I delete a picture, storyboard, reward, or story?
Swipe in either direction across the list view and tap Delete.