iCommunicate lets you design visual schedules, storyboards, communication boards, routines, flash cards, choice boards, speech cards, and more. It is customizable to your needs.

► Record your own audio for pictures and boards
► Utilize Text-to-Speech with 20 voice options(Note: higher quality options available with a WiFi or 3G connection)
► Internet Voices include: 
Canadian French(Female/Male)
Canadian English(Female) 
UK English(Female/Male)
US English(Female/Male)
US Spanish(Female/Male)

► Use your own pictures, take pictures on the fly with camera, or quick online image search

► Includes 10,000+ N2Y SymbolStix at no extra charge

Two type of boards possible:
► 4x10 - up to 4 pictures across by 10 down(2x2, 4x4, etc.)
► Task Completion - one picture at a time, swipe to move back and forth, add a checkmark(one finger) or do not symbol(two fingers) with touch. Touch hold time, move to next picture automatically on completion, and audio feedback options available

► Print with AirPrint or email boards
► Lock app from unwanted changes
► Universal app

We created iCommunicate to help our own child. It helped us reach our goals for our family. We know everyone has individual and unique needs. We bring you the technology and you customize it to meet your needs and goals. We can't wait to hear how it helps you. Examples of how it helped us:
-Show an overview of a specific time frame, like a daily schedule
-Show what is about to happen-first songs, then snack, then story
-Reinforce turn taking
-Help children express their needs by pointing to a picture to make a choice
-Prepare children for transitions
-Show routines, like bedtime or potty training
-Alert children to changes in routine

  Buy Universal app $49.99

***Be sure you have an iPhone or the 32/64 GB versions of the late 2009 model iPod Touch to record audio. If you have the iPod Touch 2G or 8GB late 2009 model you will need to purchase a 3rd party microphone(available from Apple or Amazon.com, etc.)

► Uses the iSpeech, OpenEars iOS and Flite libraries for text to speech conversion

► Testimonials

My son says "I love you!"
"This application has been absolutely a Godsend to our silent little world. My three year old son is nonverbal autistic and for ages would not even attempt to utter a word to me or my husband. We had no idea if he was understanding us, what he wanted or needed and this led to so many frustrating days and nights. The love of our lives standing there, and no way to tell if he comprehended simple words or phrases such as I love you! The very first iPad application we downloaded was iCommunicate. I went in and recorded all of the pictures that I thought we would be using and made several story boards. My son loved it! He figured out very quickly how to navigate the program and pictures. He absolutely loves the scheduling and knowing what comes next in an activity or his day. His favorite picture became asking for a kiss and saying "I love you." One of the most amazing aspects of this application is the fact that he has started echoing the pictures and words he hears from the app. It helps that its our voices and he wants to mimic it. Soon after purchasing this app he was able to come me, show me a snack or show me what he wants for dinner. And now? He says "I love you" on his own and I completely believe it's because of iCommunicate and being able to connect the picture with the words, use it to respond to me when I say it to him and finally be able to do it on his own. I believe ANY child that is non-verbal, autistic, apraxic or any other disability that causes a child to not be able to communicate with parents should have this program. It is a must! Thank you so much for creating this and for making my home a little more noisy. I love it!" LoudMommy

“You have made a huge difference in my child's life. He has a way to communicate his needs, which he didn't have before.” MCharleton

“So happy to have a tool that is so functional and easy to use for children who need visual supports. The audio sounds great.” Developease

“A must have if your child has autism! I have a number of apps downloaded on my iPad for my autistic son, and iCommunicate is by far the most useful and easy to use. My son is only 26 months old, yet he is able to enjoy the program. It is so versatile that we could get a Google image of Itsy Bitsy Spider and all he has to do is touch the picture and he is rewarded with a song!” HD

“Now my students have access to a well designed and cost-effective augmentative communication tool on a full-sized device” Eric Sailers, SLP

“iCommunicate provides a nice multisensory way to provide schedules, make requests, and create storyboards. I use this daily in my practice. Tremendously effective.” Melanie Austin, CCC-SLP

“Perfect! This is exactly what I need for my son who has high-functioning Autism! I was carrying around printed photos to help him understand where we'd be going next, and this makes my life much easier. I like how the images are customizable. Here in the UK we don't have the yellow school buses. It's very easy to make a storyboard.” ASunrise

“Incredibly Useful For Parents-I have been using this app with my son who has Down Syndrome and is non-verbal. We have a lot of laminated visuals for daily routines that are forever getting lost and worn out. I have converted all these into iCommunicate. Choices on the spot.” Emilyjem

“Great tool for using with my disabled daughter. Routine and foreknowledge of events are critical for her to cope with the day.” Nickfx001

“User friendly, easy to navigate, helps for making choices. Meal time was always so frustrating when I didn't know what my daughter wanted, so I created an entire menu of breakfast items in less than 2 minutes. Perfect for the visual learner who is still developing their language skills.” KelD

“This app has helped ease my sons anxiety and lessens his stress. Thank you for making our day a little easier!” Ginamcc1

“As a special educator and assistive technology consultant, I am always looking for products that are as mainstream as possible, but offer benefits to my students, iCommunicate is one such product.” Accessible Learning