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► Now a universal app for iPad too!!

iReward is a motivational tool for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. You can create a star chart or token board to help reinforce positive behaviors using visual rewards. Use of motivational charts is not limited to any one group. We all benefit from motivation to achieve our goals! This type of praise or approval will help parents of typically developing children, children with autism, developmental delays, ADHD, and anxiety disorders. We've updated the app to support multiple users and added more customizable options.

-Organize by name for families, classrooms, or patients
-Custom color backgrounds and tokens(gold and red stars, smileys, check boxes, and gold coins)
-Use camera, pictures loaded on device, or image search to add pictures
-Use two pictures to reinforce a first-then reward
-Record custom audio and/or play keyboard cat video when reward completed
-Ability to lock app from changes and unlock by shaking device and entering password
-Options for larger images and text, and for playing sound when adding a token
-Share Children and Rewards thru email and iTunes File Sharing

 Only $2.99
► Testimonials

This app is wonderful. I use it for my autistic son. We have used a token board for a while and this replaces that. I dont have a clipboard with velcro all over it and tokens that can be a choking hazard. That is a thing of the past. This is fantastic. It still gives him something tangible when he completes a task and he loves it. When task is complete is says "Great job. You did it!" He loved it . He was all smiles. I work at a school for children affected by autism and the school and the therapist are all impressed as well. They are going to get it for themselves. And if that isnt enough. The customer service was amazing. Very quick response and very helpful. Thanks Jeff! Ruperto

Love the app. Students really respond to pictures...easy to change. They ALL love the piano playing kitty! Would love to see more sweet video rewards. Animals, music etc. Fantastic app! Perfect for parents and teachers! Thanks! Autismcare

What a great tool for use while working with special needs children so they can see the progress toward a goal while they are completing their work (ie time on the swing once math is finished). Can also be used at home for your own children (if you make your bed every day for 7 days we get to have family game night). Very simple and easy to customize to whatever needs you have. Kel D

"My students love this app the best because they get to earn stars! I am an SLP who uses iReward to help my students with autism anticipate the end of an activity or to provide incentive to complete a difficult task. It is very easy to customize" miker1972

"I use this with a child who has high functioning autism, but many parents have seen me use it, and been inspired. I think it's a great concrete way to encourage kids with positive discipline - it's especially good for preschoolers. My son loves that he can take a photograph of the reward he's going to earn" uumomma

"I used this for the first time last night with my 19 year old autistic son. He was more interactive with me as he counted down the remaining stars with each completed task. And he knew all along he was working for 1 hour of computer time so there were less protests when his time was up on the computer" Michele G

"I was very pleased with this app! It is easy to use & individualize for my child's goals. She has Asperger's so use of a token economy such as this is very helpful. Not to say it could not be used for any child, because it can. My daughter loves setting a goal, picking out the reward, & placing a star each time she completes a task on the list. It is also helpful as it is portable; imagine carrying a sticker chart everywhere you went (no fun)" RNTP

"I use this application daily within my clinical treatment environment!! It has been EXTREMELY effective in helping children stay on task while providing clear feedback. It's very easy to use and can be customized to the likes of each child individually. I also find that children like that they can interact with it by placing the smiley face, check mark, star, etc. It also has a component that helps some to transition to the next activity since they know they are done with the current task when the cat plays the piano. I would highly recommend this application to all parents, not just parents of children with special needs. GREAT APP for a GREAT PRICE!" MAustin

"I can't say enough about iReward! It is absolutely the best thing I've found for my son (and my own sanity)! His behavior issues, lack of self control, his "learned" shirking of responsibility, inability to understand that his choices = consequences, as well as his processing and memory problems are some of the biggest issues we face all day, every day, in our home. One of the greatest benefits for us while using iReward is that it is helping my son control his behavior when we are out in public, running errands, etc. For example, if he sees something in a store that he wants and cannot have, all I have to do is pull up the app on the phone, show him the stars he needs to earn (and keep) and he sees the picture of the reward right there below the stars and immediately he either calms down, or at the very least I can see him trying desperately to control himself. Before he would go straight into a total meltdown. What is even better is that we are focusing on positive reinforcement and he feels SO PROUD when he earns a reward!" thekatsmeow1969