My Pictures Talk

► Now add videos to stories.
► Use for Video Modeling.
► Swipe thru pictures like a slideshow.
► Now a universal app for iPad too!!

My Pictures Talk helps you catalog, share, remember, and teach skills to those with autism or developmental delays. We allow you to bring your photos to life with text and audio. You can create talking photo albums, or use as a teaching tool to help promote wanted behaviors. Take videos on the fly with an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4, or load videos onto your device thru iTunes. It can now serve as a way to make your own social stories utilizing video modeling. No videos are included, but make it personal and create your own. Video modeling has been proven to be a useful tool to help children with autism learn social skills. My Pictures Talk is the first app that allows you to create your own social stories using your own personal videos.

► Recording video on the fly supported on iPhone 3GS and 4, and the iPod Touch 4th generation. 
► Only the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 4th generation(the one with cameras), and the iPad can load videos thru iTunes syncing. This is a limitation of the iOS SDK. Our apologies.

► Be sure you have an iPhone or the 32/64 GB versions of the late 2009 model iPod Touch or later to record audio. If you have the iPod Touch 2G or 8GB late 2009 model you will need to purchase a 3rd party microphone(available from Apple or, etc.)


► Testimonials

This is SO easy to do video modeling on the fly, or just take pics of my kids being silly! You know how you get something with the intention of using it and then it just sits there because it either needs material prep time that you don't have, or you haven't had time to read the detailed instructions? Well I'm happy to say I downloaded this app and immediately began to add my projects into it, success! I love how easy and quick it is to take/input photos, videos... the audio is really easy to record on my 4th gen. ipod. I have used this at home with my son, who has autism- for safety reasons he is learning our phone number through this app. I have also used it at work with my speech and special needs students. As an example, I recorded my colleague demonstrating ASL vocabulary, and then played the videos of those ASL words when playing with a child. MotherofaSonwithHFA

As an SLP, I find this app to be incredibly useful. I can create and personalize vocabulary sets, make sets of different semantic relationships, support episodic memories for group activities, and more. There is just so much that can be done!! KellCat

I am having a great time. I am really loving My Pics! It makes sharing pictures SO easy!!! My students who can't talk can share their pictures, and it is so easy to search for pictures on google with your app, that we can find anything that is interesting to them!!!! I am also loving it for "regular" students. I can collect pictures for a theme (e.g. Tea around the world) and use the slideshow as part of our therapy/ class projects! So easy. What did I do before this app? Ms Amber